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2015 edition

Poster Session: Antenna measurement, characterization and simulation


All the Contributors to the poster session are invited to submit a four-pages extended version to the ACES Express Journal Special Issue on Computational Electromagnetics and Measurements, whose call is available below to download.

Poster Session



  1. Tasos Paraskevopoulos, Yiannis Vardaxoglou and Antonis Alexandridis 
    Cylindrical Near Field Assessment of Wearable Antennas for Body-centric Communication Systems
  2. G. Virone, F. Paonessa, O. A. Peverini, G. Addamo, R. Orta, R. Tascone and P. Bolli
    Experimental Results with the UAV-based Antenna Measurement System
  3. L. Dinh Thanh and B. Bisceglia
    Specific Absortion Rate for Agri-food Materials SAR Evaluation in Vegetables 
  4. A. Manna, G. Pelosi, M. Righini, L. Scorrano, S. Selleri and F. Trotta
    Compact Shaped Antennas for Wide-Band Radiogoniometry
  5. S. Maddio
    An Educational Approach to the Understanding of Antenna Parameters
  6. A. Sorrentino, A. Gifuni, G. Ferrara and M. Migliaccio
    A Comparative Analysis of Dihedral Corner Backscattering from Reverberating Chamber and Anechoic Chamber measurements 
  7. M. Orefice, A. Razzaq and G. Dassano
    Sidelobe Level Correction Procedure for Large Antennas Radiation Patterns Measured in Fresnel Zone
  8. S. Shahid, M. Bersanelli, G. G. Gentili, A. Mennella, E. Pagana and L. Stringhetti
    Compact Test Range for Millimeter Wave Antennas 
  9. G. Buttazzoni and R. Vescovo
    Far-field Synthesis of Sparse Arrays with Cross-Polar Pattern Reduction
  10. A. Capozzoli, C. Curcio and A. Liseno 
    An optimized approach to cylindrical near-field antenna characterization 
  11. F. D'Agostino, F. Ferrara, C. Gennarelli, R. Guerriero, and M. Migliozzi
    A Planar NF-FF Transformation for Quasi-Spherical Antennas using the Innovative Spiral Scanning
  12. C. Franceschet, F. Del Torto, F. Villa, P. Battaglia, M. Bersanelli, F. Cavaliere, M. Gervasi, A. Gregorio, A. Mennella, G. Morgante, O. Peverini, F. Pezzotta, D. Vigano', A. Zacchei and M. Zannoni
    A 7x7 elements Q-band feed-horn array for the LSPE-STRIP experiment 
  13. Ljubica Leone, Rita Calabrese, Simona Valbonesi and Bruno Bisceglia 
    Exposure to Electromagnetic Field & Cancer. Analyzing the Perception of Risk in the IARC Statement and the Scientific Community.
  14. M.D. Migliore and D. Pinchera 
    Array failure identification from a small set of data. Application to active array pattern correction.








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